Hunting Land Terms and Conditions

Why you need to post your land!

Why You Need To Post Your Land!

By Andrew Walters

Posted QDMA

Whether you are hunting land that you have leased or land that you own, it is imperative that you post your land, and there are many reasons to do so. In North Carolina it is almost impossible to charge a trespasser if the land they are trespassing on isn’t posted. Not only does this allow any hunters breaking the law to be prosecuted, it also notified any hunters who may have lost their bearings and inadvertently end up on your property.

By North Carolina law, not only can ‘NO HUNTING” or “NO TRESPASSING” signs be used, but so can purple paint. The reasoning is that not only is purple paint cheaper than actual signs when posting large properties, the paint can’t be ripped off of a post or tree. The purple paint should be painted in a vertical line at least 8 inches long. It should be anywhere between 3 and 5 feet tall and can be painted on any tree or telephone pole. The NCWRC calls for the spaced intervals to be 200 feet apart. Sadly, some “hunters” are so focused on killing the largest buck that they have resorted to poaching and trespassing in order to do so. Some poachers even go so far as to shoot with the aid of artificial lights and many do this from the highway. While it can be disheartening to intensively manage your land and then learn of your target buck being poached, it isn’t nearly as concerning as the fact that when hunters are poaching they are putting you and anyone else hunting on your property in danger. This is especially dangerous for any landowners or hunters with access to land with road frontage or paths. Even hunters who may not purposely break the law are dangerous. By having posted signs up, even accidental trespassers will know they have left their property’s boundaries. The last thing a hunter needs is another hunter walking around about the time of sunrise or sunset.

There are a few things that you can do to limit trespassers. The first, if you have road frontage property, is to gain permission to plant an annual such as Mossy Oak BioLogic’s Blind Spot forage which will grow to heights between 10 and 12 feet tall. If you are a landowner you could plant trees in a staggered fashion along the road frontage. This will take longer than the annual forage but it will pay for itself in the future. Another option that is well worth the money is establishing a locking gate. Only the people hunting or the farmers tending the land should have a key. A gate coupled with a row of trees to block the roadside view is a great combination.

Whether you have 10 acres or 1,000 it is critical that you post your land this fall. The law cannot be enforced if your land isn’t and you have much more to protect than just a few trophy bucks. The most important aspect of hunting is to be safe and have fun. Posting your land ensures that you have done all that you can to provide yourself and your hunting buddies a safe place to hunt and spend time outdoors.