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3 Day Deer Hunts with Lodging in Halifax, NC

3 Day Deer Hunt w/ Lodging in Halifax, NC

One of the best farms in eastern NC! This 700 acre Halifax County farm is not only a limited-pressure hunting ground, it is also Certified Legacy Lands by the Quality Deer Management Association! This 700 acres is managed extensively and has huge agriculture fields, tall timber, and plenty of habitat management implementations such as orchards of soft mast fruit that attracts all wildlife. Hunted only one week per month during the fall and winter!

Hunts last three days from Tuesday through Thursday!

There is one hot meal a day included with the hunting package. Lodging will be in heated tents or a camper that is over 20 feet long! These semi-guided hunts are archery and shotgun only. There are ladder stands, tripods, box blinds, and lock-on stands suitable for whatever suits you best.

There are a limited number of hunts available here. The pre-rut hunts are ideal for when bucks are cruising the land searching for does. This week is known for its action-packed hunts and numerous deer sightings. There is also a post-rut hunt available for predictable late-season bucks searching for food and cover. All deer harvests are based on their age and bodily characteristics, no antler point restrictions!

If you are searching for a place to tag a monster whitetail buck on a free-range farm, look no further than Temple Outdoors in Halifax County NC. This well-managed farm is where great hunting memories are made! Limited number of hunting slots available – Book now!

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