How This Works: For Landowners Offering Land for Lease

Landowners with Land to Lease

Landowners with Land to Lease

Thinking about leasing the hunting rights on your property?

Do you own land that is just costing you money? If you are interested in learning more about how HCL can help you earn additional income, call or email us and we’ll have a member of our staff contact you directly to review our services.

All of the (HCL) field staff members are avid hunters and outdoorsman, as well as, Land Specialists with Mossy Oak Properties. They are skilled in evaluating land for recreational use, and identifying the hunting potential for a variety of wild game species.

At we make it simple, here’s our process. 

  • An experienced member of the field staff will physically inspect the property, take photos, create aerials, topo maps, and provide the landowner with a suggested lease value.
  • will create a Hunting Permit for your property, ensuring that all hunters follow the specific Special Conditions & Guidelines set forth by you the landowner.
  • Once arrangements have been made with the landowner, we will post the available property on and market the property to hunters and recreational users.
  • Properties on are offered for auction to the highest bidder, landowners can set a reserve price so any minimums can be met and exceeded.
  • When a hunter or group has an interest in a property they will be given a visitor request form to fill out and submit for permission, they will then be sent directions and maps to preview the property.
  • Landowners can sign up to “watch” an auction in progress and be updated as the bid history changes from day to day.
  • Landowner insurance can be arranged thru and the cost of the insurance is figured into the bid pricing, and the hunters cover all expenses.
  • Once an auction is completed will process the Hunting Permit with the highest bidder and handle all payment processing and necessary paperwork.
  • After collects their processing fees payment is made directly to the landowner. 

It’s that easy!

Why use

Here are some of the benefits.
  • Earn additional income to assist in paying property taxes or other maintenance expenses.
  • Reduce damage to valuable cropland by managing wildlife.
  • Avoid dealing with outside parties that want to hunt on your property for free.
  • Eliminate trespassing and poaching issues.
  • Enjoy the comfort of knowing who is using and managing your property.
  • Form relationships with individuals and groups that share in your passion for the land and have strong stewardship values.
  • Have the security of an insurance policy that protects you from liability.
  • Have the piece of mind in knowing that the staff at will take care of the entire process.

Want to know more?

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