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Bedding Area Aerial 2

Using Aerials to Gain a Hunting Advantage

The Aerial Advantage By Andrew Walters Aerial maps have long been used by land surveyors and foresters. They use these maps because it allows them to have an in-depth look at the land from a seldom seen viewpoint. These aerial maps can also be switched from a satellite view to a topographical view, both of which can benefit the hunter …

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Hunting Land Terms and Conditions

Why you need to post your land!

Why You Need To Post Your Land! By Andrew Walters Whether you are hunting land that you have leased or land that you own, it is imperative that you post your land, and there are many reasons to do so. In North Carolina it is almost impossible to charge a trespasser if the land they are trespassing on isn’t posted. …

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Harvest Restrictions

Setting Harvest Restrictions

Setting Harvest Restrictions By Andrew Walters Whether you have been hunting a piece of property for years or you just acquired a new tract of land, there are plenty of things to figure out. Walking the property and understanding the boundaries, setting up ideal tree stand locations, scouting, and checking trail cameras are just a few. Of course one of …

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Hunting Early Season Does

Hunting Early Season Does by Andrew Walters How many times have you decided that during the last week of deer season, during the brutal cold weather, that you are going to harvest your quotas of antlerless deer from your property? I get it, you don’t want to be shooting and disrupting the peace on your property that could hinder your …

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Batchelor Groups

Bucks in Bachelor Groups

Bachelor Groups By Andrew Walters Have you noticed more bucks than usual when scouting and checking trail cameras this time of year? In the summer months whitetails will band together in all male groups, usually referred to as bachelor groups. At this time of the year the bucks are producing lower amounts of testosterone which enables them to tolerate one …

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