Why Choose Us

Why choose HuntClubLeasing.com as the best online resource to search for and secure prime hunting properties in your area?

Local Knowledge

Here at HuntClubLeasing.com we are all avid hunters and know the state better than anyone when it comes to prime hunting areas.  Our staff is in the field everyday, we know what areas are hot and what’s not.  No more guessing games, know the facts about an area and a piece of property ahead of time.

We Know Land

The field staff at HuntClubLeasing.com are Land Specialists with Mossy Oak Properties and have personally previewed and evaluated all available properties.  We work with hunters, landowners, and recreational buyers for a living, you can trust the experts HuntClubLeasing.com to provide the the most accurate information on what you can expect from any given area or property.


At HuntClubLeasing.com we offer two ways of obtaining Hunting Permits, “Fixed Price” or “Online Bidding”.  If you see something you like you can choose the “Buy It Now”  option and secure the permit immediately, or you can enter your bid amount online and have a chance at winning the bid.  Either way, HuntClubLeasing.com offers a great variety of premium hunting properties at very competitive rates.

Exclusive Rights

At HuntClubLeasing.com all hunters or clubs have exclusive hunting rights to the property they obtain, no more sharing your ground with neighbors or alleged “friends of the owner” you win the bid, you get the exclusive rights to hunt it, period!


Enjoy the perks of being a HuntClubLeasing member to include:

  • Membership is FREE to everyone! No more having to pay just to see what’s available!
  • Weekly updates delivered via email on new and available properties in your area!
  • First Right of Refusal to renew all existing permits, if you hunt it and take care of the property you can be the first in line next year to renew the permit!
  • Automatic Entry to win exciting hunts to exclusive locations with the Mossy Oak Properties crew!

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