Who We Are

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Billy McOwen

Landwatch Skyscraper PhotoWilliam “Billy” McOwen is an avid outdoorsman and has over 30 years experience in sales and small business operations. Billy is the founder and owner of HuntClubLeasing.com. Billy’s passion for learning new and innovative approaches to marketing will continue to allow the HuntClubLeasing.com team to utilize all the latest technology in promoting your property and ensure it receives maximum market exposure. Billy’s “old school” background coupled with his passion for learning will continue to drive the HuntClubLeasing.com Team to continually evolve with the changes in the market all while maintaining the all important personal connection to the client and the land. Contact Billy today to see how he and the HuntClubLeasing.com team can help you lease your “fist full of dirt”.

Email: info@huntclubleasing.com


Andrew Walters

Hunt Leases Andrew WaltersAndrew Walters is the operations manager of HuntClubLeasing.com. He is a North Carolina native who spends much of his time pursuing wild game across eastern North Carolina. His passion for the outdoors led him to North Carolina State University to earn a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. Andrew is also an avid member of the Quality Deer Management Association and Mossy Oak Gamekeepers. Andrew’s an agent with Mossy Oak Properties NC Land and Farms and works out of the Greenville Office.  He has had many articles published by numerous outdoor companies, including Wildlife in North Carolina, G5, The Bone Collector, and Mossy Oak Gamekeepers magazine. Andrew’s extensive background knowledge of wildlife management provides him with the ability to assess and gauge properties from a wildlife standpoint. Whether you are searching for the perfect property to lease, purchase, or booking your dream hunting trip, it’s best to work with a local outdoorsman who is familiar with navigating all necessary channels in order to provide you with the best possible service.

Email: awalters@huntclubleasing.com